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Maestros y Padres de Sandoval (MAPAS) PTO is Sandoval’s parent/teacher organization. MAPAS PTO provides a forum for all members of the Sandoval community that is focused on parent education. We educate, strengthen collaborative relationships, focus on equity, and build a culturally responsive community by coordinating parent education nights that offer insight and strategies for families to maximize our unique Montessori Dual Language program at Academia Ana Marie Sandoval. As a parent, guardian, teacher, administrator or staff member, you are a member of MAPAS PTO!


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The main goal of Padres Latinos de Sandoval (PALAS) is to promote active parent participation in the academic achievement and personal growth of our children. We create events that involve the entire Sandoval community in the celebration of cultural diversity because our diversity strengthens the success of our children, inside the classroom and out. We meet to not only share ideas, but to discuss all school-wide activities and events. PALAS also works with other committees to involve more Latino parents in school activities.

Maria Wilmsen:


Our Montessori dual-language curriculum is incredibly unique; its financial needs are greater than your average school. Amigos de la Academia Sandoval raises money to bridge the gap between what Sandoval needs and what DPS provides. Our mission is to raise money for educational purposes so that Sandoval can deliver a high quality public education to our student population.We raise money to support:

  • Teacher Montessori training
  • Ensure there is a paraprofessional in every class
  • Field trips
  • Specials materials (art, music, physical education) 
  • PALAS and MAPAS special events


Erika Killion:



Garden Wellness Committee introduces kids to gardening through hands-on experience and teaches students about the environment. As a committee, we organize a number of school-wide activities including Walk to School Day in the fall, planting paper whites in the winter, planting seeds on Earth Day (seeds are later transplanted to the school garden), and tending the garden in the summer.