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Sandoval’s Communication Plan

  • Classroom Bloomz – Each teacher has a Bloomz account and will post important information there. Bloomz is also a way to send and receive direct messages within the Sandoval community.  We ask that parents please keep this communication platform professional.  Any concerns or grievances should not be communicated in Bloomz; instead, please communicate directly with your child’s teacher or Principal.
  • Infinite Campus/School Messenger – This email communication comes directly from the school and/or district administration. In order to receive these emails, you must opt in once you are logged in to your Parent Portal account. Principal letters, DPS Transportation, emergency announcements, etc. all come from the “” email address. Access Parent Portal here.
  • Principal Message – The principal sends a weekly informative email to the community. This message is posted in our school’s general Bloomz account.
  • Room Parent Messages and Emails – Emails from your room parent go out as often as needed, usually a few times a month. Room parents forward condensed information from the Parent Committees, and may also communicate needs from the classroom teacher. Room parents send messages on Bloomz and might also use their personal email. 
  • Sandoval’s Facebook page – School administration manages this page. On it you will find articles about gifted and talented, opportunities for students, pertinent DPS announcements, and important school/Parent Committee events and announcements.
  • Sandoval website ( – The Sandoval school website is jointly managed by school admin and DPS. Most any information you have received in another format can also be found on the website.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences – Teachers conference with the parents of each student in the fall. In the spring, teachers conference with parents as needed. Parents are welcome to request a conference at any time.
  • Report cards – Report cards are sent home three times a year. Report cards provide summative information about how students are progressing toward meeting grade level standards for that time of year.