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Dear Sandoval Parent Constituents:

We are thinking strategically about how we engage parents, share your perspectives, and ensure your voices are heard. Thus, we have implemented the following:

  • This Survey to add agenda item(s) to be considered and provide feedback. You will find this link in the principal’s message. 
  • Open Forum time during the start of the CSC meeting, if you would like to present a topic to the CSC at the meeting. Please reach out to Linda Hernandez, community liaison at to share the topic of what you would like to present.
  • We will also now be introducing the “Parent Constituent Paragraph” into the Principal’s message following our CSC meetings to share a summary of what we are discussing along with the CSC Minute Notes of the meeting 

At the most recent CSC meeting on November 30, 2022, we discussed the following:

  • Past years we have hosted constituent meetings in May to share what we have covered in the school year as a CSC and also to hear the parent voice. Given low parent attendance, we determined that constituency meetings are not the most effective way to connect with parents. That’s why we have implemented the actions stated above. If you have other ideas on how we can best hear the parent constituent voice please add it in the Survey .
  • Sandoval’s Vision, Mission, and Equity Statements and considered parent feedback from the parent survey that was administered a few weeks ago. Next month we plan to finalize updates to the Vision, Mission, and Equity Statements 
  • We also discussed healthy start times to support student engagement and learning. We will NOT have any changes to our school start time for the following school year.
  • Our latest SPF rating (School Performance Framework-Colorado Department of Education school report card): Provisionally Green. We will continue to discuss potential impacts of this rating to our school enrollment, as many parents consider this when they are looking for a school for their child and family. 
  • Lastly, we discussed current enrollment and the impact of projections and actuals to the school budget. Annual budgets are based on projected enrollment numbers shared with the school in January of the current school year. This year’s budget was based on projected enrollment of 286 students for Kinder through sixth grade. We are excited to share that we met and exceeded that goal with a total K-6 enrollment of 305 and a total ECE 3 year olds to sixth grade of 390. So, please spread the good word about Sandoval and help us support a robust enrollment. 

These updates are one way for us to share how your perspectives are being considered in these conversations.We invite you to share your feedback, questions, concerns via:

  • The Survey
  • Open Forum 
  • As well as reach out to us directly

In community and education,

Parent CSC Representatives