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School day Soft Start and hours for students: 8:50-3:50 school day hours

We will have “soft start” meaning that children can ease into their day, which aligns best to Montessori philosophy.  Our aim is to have children walk to their classrooms starting at  8:45 am ready to begin their work day at 8:50 am.  

2022-2023 Soft Start Schedule

  • Free breakfast will be available in the cafeteria only. We will no longer have breakfast bags available for all students at entrance doors. Students and parents will be able to eat in the cafeteria from 8:25-8:45.  
  • For the students having breakfast at school, at 8:45 am, a bell will ring to remind all students to make their way to the classroom.
  • We will not be having morning recess in the playground and therefore no supervision will be provided. If students want to play on the playground in the morning they must be supervised by their adult. 
  • The Welcome Squad (Sandoval staff) will be at three entrance doors at 8:45 to greet and let students in (doors by library, main entrance, and main playground). They will also be in the hallways greeting students and helping students transition to their classrooms. 
    • Parents, we ask that you drop off your child at doors vs walking them to the classroom to encourage independence. This also supports our school wide safety procedures by not having adults in the hallways that have not checked into the front office.
    • Parents are welcome to be in the cafeteria during breakfast with their child. At 8:45 please say your goodbyes and support your child’s independence by allowing them to walk to their classroom on their own or with friends.
    • In order to support teachers to start off the instruction day as present as possible for students, please send questions and concerns via Bloomz, phone calls, scheduling meetings, and parent-teacher conferences.
    • Instruction will start at 8:50 promptly.  
    • Teachers will take attendance at 9:00 am.  These minutes serve as a buffer for those crazy mornings.  However, parents should always plan on having their children arrive at school by 8:50 am.
    • After 9:00 am, students need to come to the office to get a tardy stick.  To excuse your child’s tardiness a guardian must call the main office with a necessary reason.  
    • Upper elementary, do not drop off your child by classroom exterior door if one is available beyond 9:00am. For security reasons, please  have your child enter through the main school door only. 
  • All Primary students, including kindergarten, must be signed in by an adult per licensing regulations and be dropped off directly in the care of their classroom teacher or paraprofessional starting at 8:45 am by their outside classroom doors. 

**Primary (ECE and Kinder) please follow ECE drop off and pick up procedures, Sign in your child at their classroom entrance door.