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Amigo A Go Go

Who: All Sandoval teachers, students, staff are invited to participate

What: Annual Run / Walk-a-thon (also known as AAGG)

When: Wednesday May 4, 2022 (back-up weather day of Wednesday May, 11)

  • Note: Hosting during the school day allows all kids to participate!

Where: Sandoval track on the Sandoval field (6 laps = 1 mile)


  • Have fun!

  • Cohort camaraderie!

  • Get outdoors & exercise!

  • Raise money to benefit Sandoval via our non-profit Amigos!

  • Win Prizes!

Adult Involvement Opportunities:

  • Cheer on students during the race

  • Volunteer to help attach racing bibs prior to the race start

  • Volunteer to help at your classroom table during the race

How it Works

  1. Register on PledgeIt (Registration is not required to participate but is highly encouraged! Must be registered to be entered into the raffle to win principal of the day.)

  2. Please remember to register each child with a separate and unique email address.

  3. Collect pledges from friends & family

  4. Complete laps on the Sandoval Track with your cohort (6 laps = 1 mile)

    • Primary: 45 min

    • Lower El: 60 min

    • Upper El: 60 min

Registration and Pledge Page:

This is not your traditional fundraiser – this is ACTIVE involvement for our students. Each student is encouraged to collect pledges per lap or flat donations. On the event day, students will be challenged to run as many laps as they can in the allotted time. Students will then collect the donations based on the pledged amount, times the number of laps completed or their flat donation. We thank all the families, friends, and supporters of these amazing students! Funds will be used to help support Sandoval’s dual language Montessori model.

Runners: Find sponsors to pledge you for Amigo-A-Go-Go. Sponsors can be family and relatives, neighbors, people that work with your parents, or anyone else who wants to support your run. The more pledges you get, the more prizes you can win and the school wins as well!