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Rachel Chappell, Gifted and Talented Teacher





Academia Ana Marie Sandoval is a unique school that offers students a Dual Language model in addition to Montessori instructional practices, fostering the independence and curiosity of the child learner. The staff and students believe in strong social emotional support that is nurtured in each classroom every day. The GT teacher works with staff to ensure continual growth for high achieving students as well as provide resources, materials and instructional support as needed. Students are assessed for potential GT identification throughout the school year and Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grade students are given a GT screener in the fall. Evidence for formal GT identification is demonstrated through various data in a body of evidence and submitted to a Review Team by the GT teacher. The GT teacher also provides Professional Development to the staff that will increase knowledge of GT student needs, characteristics, and how to provide differentiated and rigorous instruction for GT students. The GT teacher will utilize a referral system and collaborate with teachers, including SPED, ESL, and MLL students to ensure students of color are represented in the school’s “Talent Pool”. Gifted & Talented updates will be communicated to staff and shared with parents throughout the school year about identification, testing, and/or opportunities for parents to learn more about GT.