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Pick up and Drop off procedures

The library will open at 8:30 for parents/guardians who would like to read with their child before the 8:50 start.

Children who Ride the Bus: School supervision will only be provided for children who ride the bus to school. The primary students (three, four, and five year olds) will be taken into the library until the start of school.  Children in grades first through sixth who ride the bus will be taken to the playground.  Students who do not ride the bus to school may arrive on the playground at 8:35 when supervision is available.

Breakfast: Breakfast at Sandoval is here! This year, we are thrilled to welcome a time for our community to begin the day together.  Breakfast will be served from 8:10-8:40 AM every day.  The best part is that it’s FREE to all students!  So Parents, bring your coffee and join us for this daily community gathering where we will welcome the day with our kids.

Important information:
•    Parents are welcome to purchase breakfast.
•    Our Community Liaison, Ericka Soto, will be available to serve you Tuesdays through Fridays during Breakfast
•    We will have very limited staff to clean-up after breakfast so please help with busing tables and keeping the environment clean for students at lunch time.

Drop Off Upper and Lower Elementary Students: There will be Playground Supervision from 8:35-8:50 for Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary children ONLY.

Drop Off Primary (ECE-Kindergarten): Primary classroom gates will open at 8:45-8:55. Parents may choose to walk their child to the outside gate (north side gates of Primary wing for rooms 140 and 142 and south side gates for rooms 141, 143, 147, 149) or may use the carline at the front of the building where the teacher/parent volunteer will exit the child from the vehicle while another teacher/parent volunteer has the clipboard for the parent to sign the child in. CARLINE IS FOR STUDENTS IN CLASSROOMS 141, 143, 147, AND 149 ONLY.  Entrance and exit areas to the parking lot are clearly marked. In addition “No Parking” signs are posted.

Pick Up Primary: Parents will pick up their students by signing their child out then proceeding to the gate by your classroom.  There is no carline for pickup.  Parents are always required to sign children in and out.

General Pick Up Procedures:  When students leave the classroom during the school day, they will be signed-out by the adult in charge and then signed-in again upon returning.  Students who leave during the instructional day must be signed-out by the parent/guardian in the classroom and in the Main Office as well.  If you must pick up your child before the class session is over, we ask that you notify us ahead of time, if possible.  Please respect the children and their work when entering the classroom and allow time for your child to complete his/her cycle of activity by returning work to its proper place.  Have your child check his/her cubby for belongings, handouts, etc.

Children who ride the bus home are supervised by a teacher and paraprofessionals until the buses leave. If your child will be picked up, at the end of the day children will be dismissed in the front of the school. The exception is rooms 146 and 148 which will dismiss at their back door on the north side of the building. Students, who haven’t been picked up at the end of the school day, will be taken to the Main Office to wait for their ride.  The Main Office will make every attempt to contact the parent, guardian or other individual authorized to pick-up the child. Children will be released to a parent or guardian only, unless the parent or guardian has authorized other individuals on the Emergency Contact Form on file in the Main Office. This must be done in writing.  If Main Office personnel are not able to locate an authorized person to come for the child, and a reasonable amount of time has passed, Child Protective Services will be notified. If you authorize your child (grades 1-6 only) to walk home, you must notify the classroom teacher in writing.

There is a $1.00 per student fee for each minute a student is left at the school after 12:05 (for Preschoolers); after 4:00 (for Kindergarteners through 6th graders). This fee is charged REGARDLESS of the reason for late pick up. We will call parents first, then emergency contacts if necessary. If a child is not picked up within 1 hour after dismissal time we are required to call Social Services.