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Do I need to pay for ECE and Kindergarten?

  • Yes, ECE and full day Kindergarten are tuition based.

Are tuition rates different for Montessori programs?

  • Yes, Montessori tuition rates are different. Please contact Sandoval if you wish to have your more information.

How much does preschool in DPS cost?

  • At present, tuition charges are on a sliding scale based on family size and income. Free preschool is available for families that qualify. Completing an application for preschool in DPS at your school means automatic consideration for free or reduced tuition.

How much does full day kindergarten in DPS cost?

  • The cost of kindergarten depends on your need. Free kindergarten is available for families that qualify. For more information on tuition rates, see Tuition and Tuition Assistance. When you fill out an application for kindergarten at DPS at your school, you are automatically considered for free or reduced tuition.

What age do students start at Sandoval and what hours do they attend school?

  • Sandoval’s ECE program begins with 3 year olds (First years). The First Years attend school 5 days a week for half the day. Release time is at noon. The four year olds (Second Years) and Kindergarteners (Third Years) attend school five days a week full day, regular school hours 8:50 a.m. – 3:50 p.m..