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Enrollment & Demographics

Enrollment and Demographics
Denver Public Schools (DPS) offer a wide variety of school choices, from traditional boundary (also called “home” or “neighborhood”) schools to magnet and charter schools. The DPS Office of Choice and Enrollment Services (OCES) coordinates all of the activities associated with getting a student matched with a school.

Sandoval is a magnet school and is not zoned to be anyone’s “home” school. Entrance into Sandoval is based on a lottery through the DPS choice application process. Since August 2001, this school has offered Dual Language/Montessori education. The school has been designated an “area magnet,” with students from the Trevista and Columbian attendance areas receiving first priority, second priority zone is Beach Court, Edison, Centennial and Brown for enrollment and for district transportation third priority is the rest of DPS schools, last priority is given to those who reside outside the District school boundaries. The school serves students age three through sixth grade. Forty percent of the children are native Spanish speakers and sixty percent are native English speakers.

Families interested in Sandoval enrollment must apply through the SchoolChoice process. Parents interested in enrolling their children in Sandoval’s ECE program are strongly encouraged to participate in the first-round application of the choice process. Visit for more information.

For the 2015-16 school year, the deadline for first round applications was Jan. 31. SchoolChoice forms are available online for next year and may be turned it at Sandoval or any DPS school. Forms will not be accepted by mail, fax or email. For questions call the DPS SchoolChoice office at 720.424.2625 for ECE.